Arianne Gelardin

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Arianne Gelardin brings contemporary art and ideas to the people. She works closely with artists, photographers, city agencies, organizations and companies to visualize and realize projects, create experience, and advance dialogue across disciplines.



for artists, cities + stakeholders

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  • proposals

  • opportunity outreach

  • digital rendering

  • design development

  • fabrication management

  • design documentation


for artists + organizations

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  • space activation

  • public programming

  • grant writing

  • artist outreach

  • production


for film + photography

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  • set design

  • prop sourcing

  • fabrication management

  • installation


design consulting


Arianne consults on the design and fabrication of public artworks for the San Francisco Arts Commission and independently for Bay Area-based artists, facilitating the production of such works from proposals to design documentation.

Selected Projects

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Science is like the innumerable showering drops of the waterfall, which, constantly changing, never rest for an instant; Art is like the rainbow, quietly resting on this raging torrent. 


In her curatorial work, Arianne generates ideas that inspire new perspectives and cultivate social relationships. Working at the intersection of social practice, science, and phenomenology, Arianne collaborates with artists and non-artist groups to produce projects that invite public participation, often through physical and social engagement.

Curatorial Projects

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Arianne spent most of her 20s working in art galleries, museums, and arts non-profits in New York. At the same time, she was deeply inspired by her peers working in film, photography, and fashion. Upon relocating to the Bay Area 7 years ago, Arianne rekindled her love for image-making. Along with her other endeavors, Arianne styles commercial photography sets for advertising campaigns, editorial, and catalogs, specializing in compositions inspired by nature and design. She also has aptitude for clean and perfect alignment.

Selected Images

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